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Accredited Sports Professionals is a website designed for sport professionals by sport professionals. Our team has accumulated over 50 years of experience in sport, either as an athlete and coach (Stephen Jones) or as a sport scientist (Marc Jones, Paul McCarthy). We are uniquely aware of the needs of athletes and professionals in sport.

Why Join Us?

Accredited Sport Professionals lists professionally recognized and appropriately qualified professionals working in sport. We connect the sporting public with sport professionals. Our aim is to rank as the top accredited sport directory in the UK on the Internet.

Reason #1 – More clients and patients
Each sport professional that meets the professional requirements in their discipline can present a profile on our searchable directory. Thousands of athletes, coaches, exercisers, and parents seek the help of sport professionals each day. Their main resource for finding sport professionals is through search engines on the internet. It can be challenging to be recognized for your professional services without significant financial investment and time. 
Our aim is to help you in that regard by maintaining the highest position on Internet search engines to offer you the best opportunity for those seeking your services to find you.

Reason #2 – Affiliation with a trusted organization
Accredited Sport Professionals maintains the highest standards for membership. We ensure that each professional is trained (or undergoing supervised training) and registered with the appropriate professional body. The accredited sport professionals on this site highlight and recognize the best quality practice in the profession.

Reason #3 – Networks
Before our members joined us, many highlighted how challenging it was for them to be recognized for their professional services without significant financial investment and time. They also explained how challenging it was to locate other appropriately trained professionals they could trust to refer clients when necessary. 
The world of sport has been, and is, fuelled by word-of-mouth. Sport professionals have gained from the recommendations of those they have supported to gain more clients and patients. Belonging to this virtual network of similar accredited sport professionals can help grow your business.

Reason #4 - From Word-of Mouth to the Internet
With the Internet close at hand on computers, tablets and mobile phones, the public is missing those sport professionals who do not advertise online. 
If you practice your profession well and maintain a good referral base, your advertising on the Internet will generate more clients and more word-of-mouth referrals.

Can I Join?

Accredited Sports Professionals is an association committed to the highest possible standards serving athletes and the sporting public. Our intention, therefore, is to ensure that only those professionals that meet our requirements are listed within this directory. You qualify for a listing within Accredited Sports Professionals if you have appropriate academic training within your field of practice and are either:

a) Accredited to practice professionally by your professional body, or
b) Within a training route practicing under an accredited professional

Here is an example:

Sport psychologist: You may join the directory if you are (1) registered as a practitioner psychologist working in sport psychology with the Health and Care Professions Council or (2) be in-training under the supervision of an accredited professional. In this instance undergoing stage 2 training with the British Psychological Society. You can see the professional training routes we specify for each profession on our professions page.

So how can I register?

To register you need to first enter your email which we then verify. After that you can then enter your profile. Once we confirm your membership (done within 72 hours) you are live on the site and connected with potential clients and other sports professionals. It costs 
less than £4 a week to join the site and have your profile listed. Our membership fee is £19.99 per month. There is no exit fee or minimum term of membership and you can cancel at any point. In fact we are so confident that you will enjoy being part of our site that if you wish to cancel your subscription at any point during the first three months of joining we wil refund any subscription fees you have paid. If you wish you can also make a small saving by joining on an annual basis by paying for 12 months in advance at a discount price of £199.  Should you wish to do this you will be notified once your annual subscription elapses so you can continue your membership. 

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