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Back Pain

Written by Accredited Sports Professionals   Posted in:Common Issues   June 5, 2014

Back Pain  article image
Few people spend a lifetime unaffected by back pain. At some point in a person’s life, a feeling of tension or stiffness in one’s back prompts one to seek medical support. Back pain encourages most people to assess where this pain came from? Did it happen because of poor posture, slouching or lifting a heavy object incorrectly? Professionals such as medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, sports therapists and physiotherapists can help to establish the nature and cause of the pain as well as a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Once treated, the intention of the patient should be to prevent such pain from occurring again. Sitting, standing, lying and lifting all contribute to back health. These movements when conducted appropriately and supplemented with exercise (e.g., walking or swimming) help restore and retain a strong and supple back. With the help of appropriate professionals, we search for symptoms and causes of our back pain. These professionals will diagnose your back pain and offer suitable treatment and strategies to prevent back pain in future.