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Shoulder Injury

Written by Accredited Sports Professionals   Posted in:Common Issues   June 5, 2014

Shoulder Injury  article image
Shoulder injuries or shoulder pain emerge for various reasons; sometimes the pain in the shoulder is actually caused by a problem in one’s upper back or neck. In sport, a range of injuries are treated by professionals: frozen shoulder, rotator cuff or acromiclavicular joint disorders. Such injuries and disorders are probable given the range of activities and time invested in training for sport. For instance, a rugby player might suffer with a rotator cuff disorder following a hefty challenge from an opponent. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. These muscles and tendons aim to keep the shoulder joint stable. A tennis player might also suffer with this rotator cuff disorder but the cause may be related to stress and overuse. Because of the various causes of shoulder pain, professional help should be sought to diagnose and treat the injury or pain appropriately.