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The Story of Accredited Sports Professionals

Written by Accredited Sports Professionals   Posted in:Opinion   June 5, 2014

The Story of Accredited Sports Professionals  article image
In January 2013 the concept of Accredited Sports Professionals was conceived. Together we, Paul, Marc and Stephen, have worked hard over the 16 months to help develop a business we are proud of.  At our launch in June 2014 we are really pleased with the site which lists the best professionals in sports science, medicine and coaching and brings greater business and more clients to these professionals, along with greater access for the public to these professionals. 

It is perhaps no surprise that we would wish to develop a business that helps bring the best professionals in sports science, medicine and coaching to the Public. Stephen has spent the past 18 years playing professional rugby in Wales, France and England and is now a coach with London Wasps. After 110 international rugby games, he does know the value of the support offered by an accredited sport professional. The skills of people in many of the professions listed on the site helped him to prepare to play his best when it mattered most, recover from injury and sustain a long and rewarding professional career.  Professor Marc Jones and Dr Paul McCarthy are both Sport Psychologists and between them have over 30 years’ experience of providing sport science support across a range of sports.  Currently Marc is working in professional football while Paul is the resident sport psychologist at St Andrews Golf course. Accredited Sports Professionals is a website designed for sport professionals by sport professionals.

We aim to rank as the top accredited sport directory in the UK on the Internet and will work hard to do so and connect the public with the professionals registered with us. The professionals listed on our site provide a range of top services including; clinical assessments, injury rehabilitation, psychological and physiological preparation for performance, injury prevention and counselling. Examples of the common issue they deal with include back pain, confidence, knee and shoulder injuries and developing psychological resilience.

To celebrate our launch we are offering free 12 month membership for a limited time. For the professionals joining us we will aim to get more clients and more business as well as creating greater links among different professionals, coaches and the public. Because each professional is trained (or undergoing supervised training) and registered with the appropriate professional body we provide a trusted source of support for the public.

We hope you like our site and enjoy being a part of it whether as an athlete, coach or parent using the services of the professionals listed or, as a listed professional.