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Does how you feel make it real?

Written by Accredited Sports Professionals   Posted in:Opinion   August 14, 2014

Does how you feel make it real?  article image
It is easy to mistake what we feel for what is really happening. And in some circumstances we feel anxious or guilty or angry because we think others made us feel that way. We often hear people saying: "You're making me nervous" or "you're making me feel guilty". Strange as it may seem, we are mostly responsible for how we feel and act. Such emotional responsibility is necessary if you wish to change how you feel and what you do. It is the layer below your feelings that we need to address. In other words, it's the attitudes and beliefs we hold that we ought to examine. You might have learned something as child or adolescent and never questioned it. It may well be untrue and not serving you well in your sport. Let's take an example: You might feel anxious about competing in a national competition. You are axious about how you will be judged, failing to achieve your goal or getting injured. If you hold a belief that you "must never be judged negatively and if it were to happen it would be awful" then it is likely you will feel anxious rather than concerned about what might happen. To reduce those axious feelings and beliefs that "I must perform to my best" you might need the help of a sport psychologist. With the help of a sport psychologist, you can learn to change those demanding expectations and beliefs . You can learn to replace them with more healthy beliefs that allow you to perform better more often.