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Our Story in Summer 2014

Written by Accredited Sports Professionals   Posted in:Opinion   August 23, 2014

Our Story in Summer 2014  article image
Having launched in June, 2014 we are very much at the start of our journey for Accredited Sports Professionals. We are ambitious for this site, and for the professionals who list with us. Our plan is to build a community of the best practitioners in sport science, medicine and coaching and connect that community with the public. We are delighted so many great professionals have joined us early in our journey.
Having launched (softly!) we have been working hard to iron out some minor technological issues with the site and listening to the feedback we have received already. This has been our focus for the past eight weeks. We recognise that our site will always be developing but we have been delighted with the feedback received to date and that our site will be easy to use for the public wishing to connect with an accredited sports professional.  Our focus is certainly now moving to promoting the site, and our members services, more widely.
A key part of connecting professionals with the public is through disseminating our knowledge. Just a quick reminder that every member can write as many blogs as they want (called articles on the site – just for a little confusion!).  We have just made some minor changes to our site so that from next week we are able to make each blog/article appear on the home page of our site. We will also disseminate each blog through our social media channels to increase your profile. Our twitter account already has over 1600 followers and we are growing daily on Facebook and LinkedIn as well. If you would like any information or have any queries about writing a blog then please get in touch.  If you have any articles written for your own website and wish to use again that is also fine with us.
We are also delighted to announce that for those accredited sports professionals who use kinesiology tape in their practice we are really pleased to partner with SPORTTAPE (wwww.sporttapepro.co.uk) who are offering a further 10% of their already discounted medical prices to members of accredited sports professionals.  Simply visit www.sporttapepro.co.uk, register for your online account which is really quick and simple, and enter the code ASP10 at the checkout for your saving to calculate.
As ever if you have any comments about the site we would be delighted to hear from you.
Marc, Paul and Stephen