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How do I stick to my plans? Here's a simple tip

Written by Accredited Sports Professionals   Posted in:Opinion   June 3, 2015

How do I stick to my plans? Here's a simple tip  article image
We are all familiar with beginning things and not finishing them. It might be a diet, fitness regime, writing a book or learning the piano. At the outset we were invested in the activity but after a while we got side tracked for one reason or another. One reason why we don’t see our projects through to the end is that we fail to prepare for the challenges that we encounter every day. For example you might go for a coffee with a friend who asks whether you would like a cake with your coffee but you are trying to manage your calorie intake. Now you know the right answer but in that moment you say ‘yes’ almost as if it were the only answer under the circumstances. If you really did not want to have the cake then you could choose to prepare yourself better for the times when these temptations arise. One simple way is to prepare some ‘if – then’ scenarios. ‘If X happens, THEN I will do/say Y’. For example, when my friend asks if I would like a cake with my coffee, then I will say that ‘I’m doing really well with my healthy eating and I’ll have a piece of fruit instead’. In this simple way, we plan for the scenarios that are likely to emerge in our daily lives and meet them with reasonable response.