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How does a customer ACCEPT your service?

Written by Accredited Sports Professionals   Posted in:All Booked Up   October 25, 2016

How does a customer ACCEPT your service?  article image
Choosing a service involves more steps that one might think at first. Most customers follow a buying cycle. At any stage of the buying cycle, a client or patient chooses to remain where she is or moves forward. The work we do at Accredited Sports Professionals aims to bring the client or patient along the buying cycles to the best professional practice in her area. The buying cycle depends on the practitioner having a practice that is visible, accessible, transparent and available to the prospective client or patient. We work with you to close the gaps in the buying cycle and bring health and care to the clients and patients who most need your service.  
We have outlined these steps here:
Aware – The client/patient realises that she needs a service you provide.
Contemplate – The client/patient thinks about her options for treatment and support
Choose – The client/patient chooses among the services in her local area to meet her specific need.
Enforce – The client/patient now enforces the decision. This decision might rely on an emotional foundations rather than a rational foundation. She makes the appointment to see you.
Purchase – The client/patient experiences your services and pays for it. 
Talk & Return – The client/patient talks to others about your service and depending on needs, returns to use your service in future. 
Explore your buying cycle and get all booked up.