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Marketing At Your Fingertips

Written by Accredited Sports Professionals   Posted in:All Booked Up   October 26, 2016

Marketing At Your Fingertips  article image
Old Marketing - Pre 2005                             New Marketing - Post 2005
Radio Ads    SEO - Search Engine Optimisation 
TV ads Google AdWords
Flyers/billboards Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
Word of mouth Blogs/Podcasts
Your practice window Apps

You’ll notice that the last 15 years has changed the way marketing happens in professional practice. The biggest shift in the marketing process has been toward the practice owner and specifically one's computer, tablet and smart phone. To compete in today's market, many practice owners need to place their business on the virtual shelf among competitors. This virtual presence demands time and understanding that previously would have been outsourced. We believe that simple steps, focused in the right way, help practice owners gain the advantage they seek.

We offer an online directory of the best professionals in sport science, medicine, fitness and coaching. Out driving ambition is to place the best professionals at the fingertips of the people in your community. We help reduce the marketing workload to allow you more time to treat your patients. Out aim is to keep patients and clients walking through your door.