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Great Sporting Expectations article image

Great Sporting Expectations

At what distance do professional golfers have a 50-50 chance of making a putt?

This is possibly my favourite sports question. I wonder if you can guess. I often pose this question to keen golfers, whether in a professional capacity as a consultant or if, as happened a few weeks ago, at a dinner party (I rarely get invited to dinner parties).

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Seeing is Relieving article image

Seeing is Relieving

I cannot see. It is not that I do not have eyes – I do. It is not that my eyes do not function – they do. It is simply this: I cannot see the line of a putt.

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Our Story in Summer 2014 article image

Our Story in Summer 2014

Having launched in June, 2014 we are very much at the start of our journey for Accredited Sports Professionals. In this article we outline some of our plans for the site and bring you up to speed with what has happened since we launched. We are delighted so many great professionals have joined us so early in our journey.

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Clinical Assessments article image

Clinical Assessments

Health care professionals conduct clinical assessments for various issues. These high quality services are only available from trained professionals because they have the requisite skills, training and support to offer the best treatment to a patient or client. 

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