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What Is A Chiropractor? article image

What Is A Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are one of the most in-demand types of practitioners in the sports health profession. This is because their specialisms cover a wide range of sports and they can help to prevent, diagnose and treat some of the most serious potential injuries for sports players.

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What Does A Sports Osteopath Do? article image

What Does A Sports Osteopath Do?

A sports osteopath is a professional who deals with sports-related conditions within the field of osteopathy. In general, this discipline is about the use of massage therapy and physically moving or stretching muscles, tissue and joints in order to aid movement or help with tense or stiff muscles, painful joints, circulation problems and injury recovery.

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What Does An Orthotist Do? article image

What Does An Orthotist Do?

An orthotist specialises in treating and helping patients with many different kinds of mobility issues. Their aim is to help people regain normal movement and manage any pain they suffer from as a result of an injury or medical condition.

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Treating Wrist Injuries article image

Treating Wrist Injuries

The wrist is a complex joint comprised of the articulation of eight bones, divided into two rows of four. They are connected by many ligaments as well as intimately related to the tendons of the fingers, hand, and forearm, providing movements involving flexion, extension, ulnar deviation, and radial deviation, thus enabling gripping, turning, and fine motor function of the hand.

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Treating Knee Injuries article image

Treating Knee Injuries

‚ÄčKnee injuries are one of the most common injuries among athletes involved in running sports. From a simple sprain to ligament rupture to surgical repair, rehabilitation is critical in restoring normal function, athletic performance, and prevention of future injuries. 

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Ankle Injury Rehabilitation article image

Ankle Injury Rehabilitation

The foot and ankle complex is an unstable structure by nature, designed to conform to the different surfaces on which we tread in order to absorb shock and provides leverage for movement in many directions. A primarily bony area, the ankle and foot are comprised of many ligaments and joints that are often sprained, torn, or accompanied by a fracture and/or dislocation.

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