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We have some of the best practitioners in their field listed on this website. They have kindly shared a little of their expertise with you in the articles below, or you can search by the topic list on the left hand side.

Marketing At Your Fingertips article image

Marketing At Your Fingertips

You’ll notice that the last 15 years has changed the way marketing happens in professional practice. The biggest shift in the marketing process has been toward the practice owner and specifically one's computer, tablet and smart phone. To compete in today's market, many practice owners need to place their business on the virtual shelf among competitors. 

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How does a customer ACCEPT your service? article image

How does a customer ACCEPT your service?

Choosing a service involves more steps that one might think at first. Most customers follow a buying cycle. At any stage of the buying cycle, a client or patient chooses to remain where she is or moves forward. The work we do at Accredited Sports Professionals aims to bring the client or patient along the buying cycles to the best professional practice in her area. 

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Treating a hamstring injury article image

Treating a hamstring injury

Hamstrings seem to be in the sporting news a lot these days. The Liverpool first team know this all too well. They currently have 8 injuries in the squad, with 4 of those being hamstring related and Danny Sturridge suffering again. Reports are also surfacing that Australia T20 captain Aaron Finch is at risk of missing the World T20 with a similar injury. England rugby star Manu Tuilagi is also unlikely to make any of the six nations because of the same problem. I am not a medical professional, but I am interested in sport, and in my blog this week I turn my attention to what we can do to  help treat these injuries that are so common among some of the world’s most recognised sportspeople. 

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