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Simple steps to improve your sleep article image

Simple steps to improve your sleep

As a student I realise the importance of sleep. Sometimes I can find myself wishing I’d got a better night’s sleep as I sit in my 9AM lecture and I’m sure I’m not the only one who can find themselves thinking this in the morning.

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Great Sporting Expectations article image

Great Sporting Expectations

At what distance do professional golfers have a 50-50 chance of making a putt?

This is possibly my favourite sports question. I wonder if you can guess. I often pose this question to keen golfers, whether in a professional capacity as a consultant or if, as happened a few weeks ago, at a dinner party (I rarely get invited to dinner parties).

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Pressure Good, Stress Bad article image

Pressure Good, Stress Bad

In his book Winners and How They Succeed Alastair Campbell has a section on ‘Pressure Good, Stress Bad’. In it he outlines how successful performers in whatever sphere use pressure as a force for good – a stimulus to success. One of the examples used to illustrate this was England Forward Gary Lineker who took a crucial penalty in the 1990 Football World Cup quarter-final to square the game and told himself “I am now in a position millions of mere mortals would love to be in, so I am not going to be scared, I am going to enjoy it. I can make a mark here.”

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