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Finding the right physical therapist in Guildford

Written by Mr. Barry Harpur

Are you suffering from pain that can’t seem to be addressed by mainstream medicine? Perhaps it’s time to look into osteopathic treatment, which is holistic and considered safe due to the absence of surgery and drug prescription. Your first step should be to look for registered osteopaths in Guildford. Osteopaths can use manipulation to restore your body into its original or to a better position through manipulations. They can treat a wide range of conditions—from acute and chronic pain-related injuries to sports injuries and work-related injuries. Here are a few tips to the osteopath that is right for you or finding a good chiropractor in Guildford:

•    Get recommendations – Ask your GP, spine specialist, or physical therapist about osteopaths who are trustworthy and competent. You can ask colleagues, neighbours, and friends, too. Just be careful when considering recommendations because every person has a different point of view on what makes a 'best' chiropractor. Remember to do further research on the professional, too, and make sure he or she can meet your specific needs. You can now find reviews of osteopaths in Guildford online as well feedback on treatments.

•    Make sure the osteopath is local– Choose a professional with a clinic in the town centre so it will be easy to find and visit. Consider an osteopath that offers other forms of treatment other than osteopathy such as injury rehabilitation treatments.

•    Do some background research – Look up the osteopaths background and experience Make sure that you are hiring a professional who is duly trained. Some of the best osteopaths are certified in the Graston Technique and Active Release Techniques.

•    Get to know the osteopath – Get in touch with the osteopath to ask about services offered. Arrange a consultation to learn more what an osteopath treatment, techniques are used and what facilities the clinic can provide. Seasoned osteopaths recommend setting a personal consultation, so that they can discuss the details with you.

•    Make sure it is someone you are comfortable with – osteopathic treatment is a physical procedure, so you need an osteopath that you feel safe with. That way, you can relax and not feel awkward while he or she uses manual techniques to relieve your aches and pains. Likewise, make sure that the treatment will be conducted in a clean facility where you can be comfortable and at ease.

About the Company:
Kinesis Clinic based in the Guildford town centre provide the highest quality of osteopathic and injury rehabilitation services. They specialise in sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, work related injuries and offer many more treatments. The service offered by them includes osteopathy, injury prevention, movement assessment & training, acupuncture dry needing, etc.

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Finding the right physical therapist in Guildford

Are you suffering from pain that cannot seem to be addressed by mainstream medicine?