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Sochi 2014 - The Mental Game

Written by Mrs. Fiona Meikle

With the Winter Olympics fast approaching all eyes are on Sochi and the athletes and teams preparing themselves to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

In what seems to be a repeat of the 2010 Games, Sochi are struggling to ensure that there is enough snow for the games to go ahead. I am sure, as Vancouver did, that Sochi are doing everything they can to ensure that the conditions will be the best possible in time for the athletes arriving.

At this point in time, the athletes will be as physically prepared as possible, but are they mentally prepared for what lies ahead? Can you really be mentally prepared for any and all situations that could occur at such a major event? Even the most experienced athletes are likely to come across unexpected situations at every major competition they attend. But if you have mentally prepared yourself, you are likely to be able to cope with the unexpected situations and the pressures and stressors associated with them.

Sport psychology is now recognised by most as discipline of sport science that is a major part of athlete development and performance. It is likely that most of the athletes competing in this years Games will have worked with a sport or performance psychologist at some point in the lead up to the Games, and some may even by fortunate enough to have their psychologist with them on site.

I look forward to commenting on the various events throughout the Games and the excitement that only the Olympics can bring.

Good luck to all athletes, coaches and support staff!

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