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Kinesio taping for children

Written by Mrs. Heidi McCarthy

Kinesio Tape is basically elastic cotton tape. It works with the soft tissues in the body, and the trick to making it work is all in how and where it is applied, and with how much tension.

In children with high tone (spasticity), tape can be applied to relax the muscles with high tone or assist the opposite muscles. For example, in a child with a flexed arm and wrist due to high tone, tape applied at the elbow can encourage the elbow to straighten, making it easier to hold pencils, cutlery etc.

Kinesio taping can be used as an assessment tool for Lycra garments. If we want to see if a child would benefit from a garment that costs £100s of pounds, Kinesio tape applied to the areas where the reinforcements would sit in the garment can tell us a lot about how the garment would work.

If you think Kinesiotaping might be for your child, give me a ring at the clinic for a no obligation chat.

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Kinesio taping for children

You've probably seen the strips of multi-coloured tape on athletes, but did you know Kinesio taping can be used for children, too? It is more popular in the USA, but is gaining popularity in the UK, too.