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Doctors and Surgeons

Doctors and Surgeons have both initially studied for a five year medical degree.  Continuing professional development is common place for both but the additional training that surgeons have done enable them to advise, and if needed, conduct operations. 

In the sport environment Doctors work on a range of issues such as dealing with athletes who are injured, as well as preventing injury in the first place.  Many also work with athletes to enhance performance, such as a doctor advising an athlete on the best method of hydration prior to competing in a hot climate. Depending on their specialism Surgeons will be able to advise on, and if needed operate, on a range of injuries and issues.  Examples of common issues requiring surgery in sport include some breaks, or a tear to the Achilles Tendon or Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).

All Doctors and Surgeons on Accredited Sports Professionals are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC)

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