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Sports Professions

We have various accredited practitioners from a range of professions listed. For more details about the standards we require for listing on our site, a description of each profession, and the benefits each profession can provide for you and your sport, please click on the links to the left or below.

Sports Therapist

Sports therapists aim to prevent injuries as well as assisting with rehabilitation. They work in areas of injury prevention, injury assessment and injury rehabilitation. A sport therapist can provide pre and post competition massage, first aid in a sporting setting, develop injury rehabilitation programmes, optimise pre-competition preparation so the risk of injury is minimised and refer on to specialist advice if needed.

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Strength & Conditioning Coach

A strength and conditioning coach helps get athletes in to the best physical shape for performance. This is done through the development and application of physical exercise (training) routines. Sometimes this is done on a one-on-one basis and on other occasions the strength and conditioning coach will work with many athletes at once, such as a whole team. Examples of the types of areas a strength and conditioning coach would address includes, strength, speed, stamina, agility and recovery.

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