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Sport & Exercise Scientist (Physiology)

A Sport and Exercise Scientist (Physiology) listed on Accredited Sports Professionals has been formally recognized by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences as being able to provide physiological support. Sport and Exercise Scientists who provide physiological support help athletes and exercisers get into to the best possible physical condition.

In short, they help people train for a specific sport or simply improve fitness. Sometimes this is done on a one-to-one basis, or with a whole team or squad. Examples of the type of work includes the fitness testing of athletes; developing specific fitness training programmes; advising athletes on a range of aspects related to physical performance such as hydration strategies, avoiding overtraining, recovery strategies, acclimatisation and periodization.

In achieving all these goals a Sport and Exercise Scientist specializing in physiology will monitor training through a range of measurement and assessment of physical functions. All Sport and Exercise Scientists listed on Accredited Sports Professionals are accredited by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. This means they have normally completed an undergraduate and postgraduate degree and have also completed 500 hours of logged supervised practice in their discipline. You can read more about the training routes here.

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