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Why should you market your services online?

You might be deciding whether you should market your services online. Here are some points to consider

From Word-of Mouth to the Internet

Although this practice continues, now more than ever, people are turning to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to find sport professionals to support them. Within the Internet close at hand on computers, tablets and mobile phones, the public is missing those sport professionals who do not advertise online. If you practice your profession well and maintain a good referral base, your advertising on the Internet will generate more clients and more word-of-mouth referrals.

Good practice to Great Practice

Our discussions with the accredited sport professionals within this directory suggested that financial security through their private practice is vital. Moving toward financial security, however, was challenging because although they recognized themselves as good sport professionals and their clients did too, it was most difficult to find time to advertise and market their services appropriately for their business. This directory allowed them to gain a fitting listing with clear, and accurate details on search engines with little time constraint or financial investment.

Can I join?

Accredited Sports Professionals is an association committed to the highest possible standards serving athletes and the sporting public. Our intention, therefore, is to ensure that only those professionals that meet our requirements are listed within this directory. You qualify for a listing within Accredited Sports Professionals if you have appropriate academic training within your field of practice and are either:

a) Accredited to practice professionally by your professional body, or
b) Within a training route practicing under an accredited professional

Here is an example:

Sport psychologist: You may join the directory if you are (1) registered as a practitioner psychologist working in sport psychology with the Health and Care Professions Council or (2) be in-training under the supervision of an accredited professional. In this instance undergoing stage 2 training with the British Psychological Society.

You can see the professional training routes we specify for each profession on our professions page.